Hassle-free Composite Benchmarks by Performance Watcher

Introducing Performance Watcher Bespoke Benchmark Composites : Your Solution for Streamlined Composite Index Management.

Are you tired of wrestling with daily feeds in Excel?

Fed up with exorbitant charges from data providers?

Does the manual process leave room for costly errors?

Say goodbye to these frustrations with Performance Watcher. Our bespoke benchmark framework simplifies defining, rebalancing, and computing index allocations effortlessly. Once we’ve agreed on asset allocation and terms, our backtesting kicks in, ensuring a seamless daily flow.

Integrated within Performance Watcher, the workflow guarantees accessibility across all platform analytics. The indices adhere to GIPS composite requirements, offering auditable methodology and transparent components.

Ready to revolutionise your benchmark index management? Contact us today to experience the difference with Performance Watcher or book a demo with our experts.

Performance Watcher Bespoke Index Composites explained

Performance Watcher’s bespoke composite benchmark framework simplifies defining, rebalancing, and computing index allocations. The framework integrates with the Performance Watcher platform to provide easy access to the indices in all platform analytics, allowing for daily comparisons of portfolios with the same reference currency and risk level.

Defining a benchmark composite is based on reflecting your investment style with a passive allocation. Any significant deviation from the composite is considered an active risk, such as reducing equity allocation or implementing an active currency overlay strategy.

Define your benchmark composite by determining the level of detail for each asset class, balancing specific information with practicality. Decide which indices to hedge into the reference currency, then define neutral weights and a rebalancing rule for each risk allocation and reference currency. Up to 15 different index for each composite is included in the base price which provides ample granularity

Once the allocation and terms are finalised, we generate a backtest to start the daily flow. The indices become available in your ecosystem and can be managed through the admin platform, including assigning risk levels as benchmarks for analysis.

Receive a monthly report with daily, monthly, and yearly performance statistics. You have access to the details of each composite index (but not the daily values of the underlying index to reduce redistribution costs for you). Upon request a sample based audit can be shared with your auditors for GIPS compliance.

Our new offering provides a cost-effective, automated solution for maintaining and auditing internal benchmarks. The composite benchmarks are integrated into the Performance Watcher platform and are available daily for all your analytics needs. We look forward to discussing its features in detail.